I hate folds, too. In fact, it's the sole reason why I just removed the blogs of Laurent Gatto an Frederik Rousseau from Planet Grep, a Planet dedicated to Belgian FLOSS people.

In my arrogant opinion, a planet should be more than just a bunch of links. If I want a bunch of links, I'll just read debian-www for a few days; there'll be plenty of online casino or so owners asking for us to link back to them in that time. And rest assured, these people have a bunch of links.

Instead, a planet such as Planet Debian, Planet Grep, or, say, Planet Gnome should be an easy read. A thing one can read top-to-bottom. Without having to follow links to be able to just read whatever people are talking about. And, the claim that folds help people ignore irrelevant stuff is just plain nonsense. If there's a post that I'm not interested in, I'm perfectly capable of using the scrollbar, thanks. It's no big deal; I do that for quite a number of blog posts already.

Especially those suckers that come with folds.