Gnome 4.23...

If the GNOME people keep going on the track they are currently on...

... This is where they'll end up:

your teh funnnies! OMG LOLzz!!!1
Comment by alex Fri 03 Mar 2006 12:00:34 AM CET

Read more about it on

(damn, it's really funny. I started the article a while ago a now it seems that a lot of people contributed to it. I love uncyclopedia !)

Comment by Ploum ( Fri 03 Mar 2006 12:16:20 AM CET

Nevertheless I prefer Gnome, but I hope they will cool down a bit and don't drive it too far.

Comment by puntarenas Fri 03 Mar 2006 01:12:25 AM CET
You're not a typical user

Repeat after me the Gnome mantra : "if you complain about something being removed, this is because you are not a typical user. So do not complain gnome is not for you."

Yeah sigh, Gnome is sucking more and more by considering power users should not use it (I'm not even talking about geek users).

Comment by benj ( Fri 03 Mar 2006 01:22:11 PM CET

If you combine this with the new Optimus three "keyboard", then you won't even need a display!

Comment by Jason Martens ( Fri 03 Mar 2006 04:18:41 PM CET
The window in the image have minimize and maximize buttons. GNOME 3 already got rid of those :D
Comment by paldepind Fri 05 Aug 2011 10:49:31 AM CEST