Programming languages I know

Programming languages I know

This is a (probably incomplete) list of programming languages I've learned. Some I've enjoyed, others I haven't, some I'm ashamed of.

This article was inspired by a similar one that Joey Hess wrote.

In contrast to his page, this one is pretty much ordered chronologically.

LOGO (mostly forgotten)
Got some classes on this on a commodore 64 while being a 12yo and at school. Looong time ago. We didn't even have a computer at home, so it didn't teach me a lot. Was fun, though.
Commodore BASIC 7.0 (forgetting)
The very first language I ever really learned. I pretty much mastered it by the time we bought our first PC. Occasionally I still run vice, allowing me to pick it up again. Incidentally, this was written by Microsoft...
QuickBASIC (forgetting)
When we bought our first PC, I switched from Commodore BASIC to QuickBASIC.
Visual BASIC (outdated knowledge now)
Got some classes in 'Visual BASIC for DOS'. Ugly thing, that. Then, switched somewhat to Visual BASIC 3, and kept up with VB 'till about version 5. Had some more classes on it as well in college.
dBASE IV (mostly forgotten)
dBASE really is a database, but it happens to have a complete programming environment in it. Which uses the '@' symbol for everything plus the kitchen sink. Ugly. I wrote my highschool graduation project in it, though.
Pascal (turbo-) (forgetting)
Learned this mostly by myself, with a bit of help from the same teacher who was teaching me dBASE IV at the same time.
COBOL (hopefully forgetting)
Had to do this at college. Never really liked it.
C (quite vivid)
Had to learn this at college. Still use it quite often.
SQL (quite vivid)
Not a real programming language, but fits in this bit here anyway. This was originally the Oracle variant, which I still like. PL/SQL was added later, too.
C++ (forgetting)
Had to learn it at college. Never really used it afterward.
Shell script (quite vivid)
Had to learn it at college. Happy this was the case. Use it on a daily basis
awk (quite vivid)
Had to learn it at college. Happy this was the case. Still use it occasionally, although I seem to be switching to perl more and more often these days.
OS/400 command files (completely forgotten)
Had to learn this at college. Comparable to shell scripts in function, but since leaving college I never came into contact with an AS/400 machine anymore, so...
RPG (almost completely forgotten)
Had to learn this at college. Don't ask. Just don't.
Prolog (mostly forgotten)
... or, well, pro-something. Some interesting 4th gen language, that had some nice way to handle databases.
Java (forgetting)
Had to learn it at college. Never really used it afterward.
Smalltalk (notions)
Had some initiation to this language. It's got some quite interesting properties. Never did some real, actual work with it, though.
PHP (quite vivid)
This entire website is written in that language, and so I'm quite proficient in writing PHP code.
Perl (quite vivid)
It took me a number of years, but now I'm getting the hang of this language. I've used it professionally, too.
Ruby (forgetting)
I got interested in Ruby after a presentation on that language at FOSDEM. For a while I thought it would become my language of choice. It didn't.
m68k assembly (beginner)
I'm trying to get the hang of this. I do understand most of it, these days, but I'm not really an expert (yet).

The alert observer will find that a notable absent in the above list is Python. Which is correct. It will also stay that way.