Planet Grep configuration now on github

For the longest time, the Planet Grep configuration was stored in a subversion repository on one of my servers. This worked, until the server was moved around once too often, and I apparently killed it. As such, updating things there was... "complicated".

In addition, the Planet Grep configuration repository was the only non-git repository that I was still dealing with, and subversion is just... wrong.

So, in an effort to streamline things, I've just updated things so that rather than in subversion, my configuration is now stored in git. If you want to add your blog to Planet Grep, or if you want to update the URL where you post your stuff, you can now simply send me a pull request.

Minidebconf Cambridge

My main reason for being here was to join the Debconf video team sprint. But hey, since I'm here anyway, why not join all of it, right?


Apart from the video team stuff that I've been involved in, I've been spending the last few days improving NBD:

  • Debian bug #803795: Dealt with the fact that recent Linux kernels handle AF_UNSPEC differenty than do earlier ones, and made IPv6 be enabled by default again. While at it, make it possible to export on multiple listening addresses, too. Update: it isn't a kernel change, it's a change in default settings of the net.ipv6.bindv6only sysctl; so current nbd can be made to work over v6 with current Debian, but doesn't do so by default. With this change, it does.
  • Since 3.10 it was no longer possible to enable the oldstyle handshake, but the code did still check the various data structures to see if oldstyle was wanted (which it never was) to then maybe possibly do the oldstyle handshake. This has now been removed
  • I received notification upstream that there were some issues with the TRIM handling, which hopefully should be resolved now. Added a test to the test suite to prevent this from happening again, too. That required some heavy restructuring of the code, but ah well.
  • Silenced various compiler warnings (no, not by telling the compiler to ignore the issues in question ;-)

There're a few more things that I'd like to see fixed, but after that I'll probably release 3.12 (upstream and in Debian) sometime later this week. With that, I'll be ready to start tackling Debian bug #796633, to provide proper systemd support in nbd-client.


noun | ter·ror·ism | \ˈter-ər-ˌi-zəm\ | no plural

The mistaken belief that it is possible to change the world through acts of cowardice.

First use in English 1795 in reference to the Jacobin rule in Paris, France.

ex.: They killed a lot of people, but their terrorism only intensified the people's resolve.

Planet Grep now with much more hackergochis

I've been wanting for a very long time to have hackergochis on Planet Grep. The support is there, but if people don't submit them, that makes it so much harder to actually have hackergochis.

Experience as a reader of Planet Debian has taught me that the photos do add some value; they personalize the experience, and make a Planet more interesting to read -- at least in my personal opinion.

In an effort to get more hackergochis, I've added libravatar URLs for everyone on Planet Grep for whom I have at least one email address. With this, hopefully things will start looking somewhat better.

If you don't like the avatar that's being generated for your feed currently, you have two options:

  1. Configure a hackergochi using libravatar or gravatar. Planet Grep will pick that up.
  2. Send me a pull request which adds your photo to the Planet Grep configuration (safe-for-work photos only, please)

If you currently don't have a hackergochi on your feed, that means I have no information on you. In that case, please contact me. We can then figure out what the best way forward is.