I love swsusp

Yes, I do. It rocks.

I remember having used it back in the 2.6.3 days. Back then, it worked for me -- but only slightly so, and it was very slow, to the point that rebooting was often faster. It broke horribly in 2.6.4, and don't get me started on 2.6.5. The kernel developers apparently gave up at some point, I don't remember when.

But now, in 2.6.12, it's back, alive and kicking, and performs the pants off of what it looked like back in the old days. At least it allows me to have a (working!) suspend implementation on my powerbook, which, due to its nVidia-based monitor card, doesn't have a working suspend-to-ram implementation under Linux.

But with swsusp, I now have an uptime of 11:27:13 up 1 day, 10:14, 6 users, load average: 2.49, 6.64, 4.83 and counting. Woohoo.