158 Ns+ Jun 04 Debian Bug Trac ( 13K) Bug#250202 closed by Russ Allbery 

That only took, eh, four years. The report started out as a "I'm sick of all these confusing and different ways to package a package, we need a solution", suggesting a few extra targets to debian/rules, but then quickly changed into a proposal to add a README.source file to the debian/ directory. At some point, early on, I started to prefer the README.source solution way more than the extra debian/rules targets thing, but the proposal reached a stalemate as some people did prefer the extra targets thing. A solution was only reached when Russ Allbery wrote a compromise proposal that managed to satisfy everyone, which he first sent out about half a year ago.

Now, finally, the update is in. Which makes me really, really happy.