Belpic packages almost finished.

... and as a result, I'm almost ready to close Debian Bug #287317. Finally.

There were some issues that could be traced back to upstream making a slight error in the autotools files, and I also got some persistent lintian errors, but it now seems clean. My first library package is done :-)

Of course, I still need to run some tests. I don't have the hardware (smartcard reader and belpic testcard) with me at this very moment, so that'll have to wait for tonight. In the mean time, I put packages up for testing at my webspace; although I was lazy and didn't produce a Packages file, there's packages for PowerPC, SPARC, and i386 available for download over there, and also a source package. If you're Belgian, running sarge or sid, have an electronic ID card and a smartcard reader, I'd appreciate it if you could test it.