What the hell is this?

Script started on za 12 mrt 2005 15:41:52 CET
wouter@country:~/debian/eID/belpic-2.3.13$ dh_strip -plibbelpic0-dev
	strip --strip-debug debian/libbelpic0-dev/usr/lib/libbelpic.a
strip: debian/libbelpic0-dev/usr/lib/stkApu2z/libscconf.a: Invalid operation
dh_strip: command returned error code 256
wouter@country: /home/wouter/debian/eID/belpic-2.3.13
Script done on za 12 mrt 2005 15:42:05 CET

I'm not sure what prompts that error, and I'm not really into the ucky details of how toolchains are supposed to work, either. Hints are welcome.