More buildd work

I've gone from managing two buildd machines a few months ago, to five now, six or seven soon. Whew.

New machines are bob and wendy (armeb), and ska/kiivi (ska was set up around the time kiivi broke down; kiivi's been fixed now, so that means one extra box too). Future ones may be jazz (m68k; Quadra950) and a third armeb box. Getting pretty crowdy—but nothing I can't handle. Yet. Though it is the highest number of buildd machines I've ever managed before.

Since Christian Steigies is back from holiday, he had a look at garkin, his atari-with-CT60-board. It had lost its serial connection while he was away, so it didn't build anymore. But other than that the connection was gone, the box was still alive and kicking -- just needed to download a few megabytes of updates, which takes rather long through serial. In case you wonder: there's no ethernet connection, because the ethernet boards haven't been manufactured yet (they've been designed and ordered at the factory which will create them, but that hasn't happened yet).

So with kiivi and garkin now both building again, the graph is going in the right direction again since a day or two. It's even more visible on the second graph; if you have a look at the new quarter graph, you'll see that the level of up-to-dateness is currently at its highest level in weeks; I count 28 days between now and the previous peak that is at approximately the same level as today. Which is good, of course.

I'm quite happy about that quarter graph, BTW. The usefullness of the other two graphs (one with all information since the statistics were being gathered, one with the information of the last two weeks only) was seriously deteriorating. What this graph shows is way more useful... now if only there'd be a quarter version for the other graph as well...