d-i l10n considered harmful

I'll probably get the wrath of Christian Perrier over me for this, but let me explain.

Of course I have nothing against l10n. It's an important job, not only underestimated by many, but also unthankful, undervaluated, and rather monotonous and boring at times. For that reason, we should give our translators all the help we can give them—for we want the stuff we write to be useful for our users, and that (also) requires translation.

However, it is my humble opinion that l10n should not interfere with ease of development, because then you create problems.

wouter@country:~/debian/debian-installer/packages/arch/m68k/vmelilo-installer$ svn log | wc -l
wouter@country:~/debian/debian-installer/packages/arch/m68k/vmelilo-installer$ svn log | grep -B4 'l10n-sync'|wc -l

(sorry for the long lines)

See what my problem is? vmelilo-installer is a fairly well-working piece of software, which does not (need to) see lots of development. However, when I want to look something up in the subversion log, I have to wade through what to me is a lot of noise.

The frequency of these scripts has been lowered recently, but I feel that is not the right solution. Instead, I was thinking of extending the script that's now used to update the debian/changelog file to also do whatever the l10n-sync scripts currently do; this would remove the need to perform any sort of automated commit, while still having the single po-file in packages/po. No?