Debian work

Been a while since I did so much Debian work in a fairly short time.

Today, I finished work on belpic 2.6.0, the support software for the Belgian electronic ID card. My initial builds wouldn't work since I made some stupid (no, really, stupid) errors in properly using that ugly beast, but eventually I saw the light. Working packages are now in incoming, and will soon be on a Debian Mirror Near You(TM).

Oh, in case you wonder: the difference between 2.6.0 upstream and 2.5.9 upstream is pretty small, mostly some housekeeping bugfixes; meaning, if 2.5.9 is working for you, there's probably no need to worry about getting the update. I've also added some extra changes to the packaging bits, so that you now no longer have to install the -dev packages just so you can use the browser plugins. Isn't that nice.

I did some more work on getting emile, the Early Mac Image LoadEr, to work properly again. Unfortunately, after the initial 0.10-1 upload that I did to Debian, none of my other builds managed to actually work on my test machine. Since I don't want to break existing machines that are using emile, I didn't think to upload those non-working binaries; but now with #451415, I can't ignore that problem any longer. I think I've nailed it now, though, and once barok (my IIci) has finished building (which will take a few hours), the packages should work. Cross your fingers.

Finally, I've also prepared an upstream bugfix update of nbd, the userland support tools for the Network Block Device in the Linux kernel, and have uploaded a package from that release into Debian. As if that wasn't enough, and since I genuinely care about the state of my packages in Debian derivatives, I've poked some Ubuntu-people to get it synced there, too.

I guess I'm back in shape now.