On fixing firmware blobs

Ingo blogs about the current vote, and wonders whether we did not have enough time in two years to do something about the fact that there were firmware blobs in the kernel.

Well, we did, and we did. It's just that in two years, several new kernel releases came out, and that also resulted in some new firmware blobs entering the kernel. This, in a way, is a relatively new issue.

Having said that, I do agree with his sentiment; even if they're new issues, they could and should have been fixed ages ago. As I said in my 'no more hitting' post, too.

Speaking of which, Jorg did not understand why that post did not show up, either. So I've just moved it into /en/computer/debian (where it belongs, really); perhaps that will fix it. Having been the maintainer of Planet Grep for a few years, I know now that this kind of strange behaviour would not be beyond planetplanet...