Not going to remove the graphs.

Since I've had only positive remarks from people about those graphs, I'm not going to remove them. I have, however, removed some erroneous data from the data set (probably resulting from network or server outages), so that the graph will not have those ugly spikes anymore starting tomorrow.

Dirk, telling people I was pleased with the result is an understatement. As I told you in private mail, I find your version of those graphs astonishing. I'd start building those graphs using your script, if not for the fact that there's no R installed on gluck...

...and that gluck is still loaded. Hm.

wouter@rock:~/scratch$ du -sh tmp/charts

I'm currently copying the result to my webspace, and am trying to figure out a way to do this on a daily basis. Comments are welcome :-)

I should also note that there is (has always been) a graph of totals in the data set. In summary: the number of bugs is steadily rising, but the average number of bugs per binary or source package is not :-)