Linux Magazine on the DPL election

I bought me a copy of Linux Magazine last week or so, which contained an article on the DPL election.

The parts that talked about me said something approximating

Apart from being a developer, Wouter Verhelst also represented Debian at FOSDEM


In his platform, Verhelst criticised organizational failures

I'm frankly stunned that "representing Debian at FOSDEM" is what really makes me stand out as a Debian Developer; especially as I don't, actually, represent Debian there -- I merely organize the Debian presence. Also, I went through great pains in trying to make it clear in my platform that I didn't want to criticise anyone. I guess that didn't quite come out right, then

OTOH, I'm sure it's hard for a journalist to condense my platform into a single sentence, just as it is hard to describe who a person is in the same amount of text. But it's still... strange.