Barok and Newwave

I just finished setting up barok, and newwave is now doing in its final stages. is a Macintosh IIci, featuring a 68030 processor. The machine has 10MB of RAM, and only had 40MB of disk space. To that, I added one of the 2G-disks of the AS/400 RAID array I have at the office, which is doing nothing there anymore anyway; I lowleveled that disk, and now barok runs its Debian installation on that one. It's on my desk, at the office. is a Quadra 700, which externally looks as if it is the same machine; however, this one has a 68040 processor, and 20MB of RAM, so is a bit faster. It also originally had 250MB of disk space, which is a lot for the time, but by far not enough for today.

The problem of installing both of them was that neither of them has enough RAM to perform a d-i based installation (you need at least 20MB of RAM to do so, so technically the quadra has enough; but to do so comfortably (i.e., to have it finish within 24 hours), more is recommended). So I installed them using the woody installer, then upgraded their installation to sarge, then to unstable (which is what I'm really after).

That took quite some time, not in the least because I wasn't always there to babysit them and make sure they weren't waiting for input. Oh, and the fact that I sometimes tripped over their power cables or accidentally hit their reset button didn't help, either. But now they're mostly up and running, and I'll be testing EMILE on them; the Quadra 950 isn't really supported, which was getting problematic...