CF/68 binutils

Work on patching binutils is progressing nicely. I don't have the board itself yet, but I'm preparing modified binutils already; for now, I've added a -mcf68 flag that would only allow those instructions that are common to both processor families. It's not finished yet, though—though most integer instructions have been done, I still need to start on the floating point instruction set, and even for the integer instruction set some of the insn patterns are rather... complex to understand. But by comparing both programmer manuals to the insn patterns, it's doable. Somewhat.

While in the middle of all this, it's very sucky to forget your laptop's adapter at work, however. Especially if you've been working on batteries most of the time already, and they're almost empty, and your only copy is on the laptop's hard disk.

I've been able to copy everything important from to my desktop just in time; about a minute after it was finished, the laptop's screen went black. I'll have to work on this box for the rest of today, I guess.

There's an alioth project called debian-coldfire if you care to have a look—though it's rather empty for the time being. More news when it's there.

Oh, and I'm still looking for a copy of that book, which would be very helpful when we start doing the compiler bits, or in finding out the cause of #345574.