CF adventures

I've been playing with my ColdFire board the last few days. The initial problem of not being able to boot the kernel with useful output has been fixed thanks to one helpful post on a ColdFire-related mailinglist, and it now happily boots. I'm only doing NFS root for the time being, but that will change as soon as I get a decent powersupply to hook up to that thing, so that I can actually use the SCSI controller that I have (which seems to require more than the 5V barrel-connected powersupply that came with it and that I now use, can handle).


One of the initial things I'm trying to do (after compiling myself a full and reasonable system, rather than the default busybox-based one) is to get the modified binutils up and running. Since I'm not sure the version I'm using will properly cross-compile (and since I don't actually care about cross-compiling, either), I've started a native compilation. I was sure that'd work at least to some degree, even if it'd take a (fair) bit longer than cross-compiling.

One of the first things that I notice is that it doesn't work. Apparently, the compiler shipped by Freescale doesn't produce working binaries. Every binary that I try to run gives a bus error on startup. Investigating with gdb shows it does so in the PLT section of the ELF binary.

This looks so extremely close to #327780 that it isn't funny. Guess I'll know what to do for the time being.