Disk dead, new ones being shipped

Those of you who were in Helsinki probably remember my IIci that was standing in the hacklab, and that I was using to test-build and test-run emile on. It didn't work for some reason. As it turns out, that reason is probably that I forgot to run objdump on the kernel binary before I installed it on the disk, as is documented that you have to do on the emile website. Silly me.

So, when p2 gave me back my IIci (after DebConf, he'd taken it with him in the car all the way through Sweden and Wat the Hack), I wanted to boot the thing again so that I could try emile the right way. Unfortunately, the 750MB disk (the one with the sid installation on it) gave all sorts of ticking noises, and didn't work. I suspect it had one bump in the road too many


So, I went to ebay, and found some old SCSI drives, most of which can be connected as is to my macs, that had a starting bid of US$19.99, and that nobody had done a bid on yet. Quite a deal.

I just received a message from the seller that they have been shipped tomorrow. Yes, 'have been tomorrow': the message said something along the lines of 'Hi, your disks have been shipped on 08-19-05' (which can probably be read as '2005-08-19'), but it's only the 18th today... and the time differential between the US and Belgium is not that large; it's only 9:45 AM here.

Oh well. In any case, with these disks I should be able to give Christian's 2.6 m68k kernels a try on my other hardware. Hopefully they'll work on at least something; both machines I've tried thus far failed to work, unfortunately.