EMILE: tomorrow

Today I 'ave mostly been eating...

EMILE. Or my IIci, pick one. I came very close.

Anyway. It's been almost a year since the first WNPP bug about EMILE was filed, but today I finished the work. The main reason that I haven't uploaded it earlier is that my previous attempts at building a working package did not succeed; the package got built, but did not work.

Today's package, however, is one that finally works on my IIci. Hence, I think the time to upload has come. Except that lintian isn't too happy about it yet, but that's being fixed now.

Well, now... it takes a few hours to build the package on a IIci. I could probably do it 'somewhere else', but then I need to compile a new crosscompiler first. Which is going to take too long to my taste. I could probably also pick one of my faster m68k machines (the IIci really is the slowest one I have), but they're all busy doing other stuff right now. That is, except for the Quadra 700, but that one is still at home, shut down, and with a hard disk that I rendered unbootable on a previous EMILE attempt. I guess now that it boots with EMILE, I'll take the MacOS disk out of barok (the IIci), and take it home to fix the Quadra 700. Some time soon.

Anyway, EMILE will be uploaded into NEW once the build is complete; I'll announce here when it's ready. This should be tomorrow by the latest. In the mean time, I'll let you know that I created a wiki page to list the hardware that EMILE does support. That's certainly not all of them, but I guess we'll see.

Update: here for the impatient, but it's also been uploaded to incoming.d.o—where it awaits NEW processing.