Etch m68k

So now that etch is out, m68k is no longer an officially supported port in the latest version of Debian . However, if you have a look at a DMNY[1], you'll see the following:

ncftp /debian/dists > ls
Debian3.1r6@                           proposed-updates@
Debian4.0r0@                           README
etch/                                  sarge/
etch-m68k/                             sid/
etch-proposed-updates/                 stable@
experimental/                          stable-proposed-updates@
lenny/                                 testing@
lenny-proposed-updates/                testing-proposed-updates@
oldstable@                             unstable@

Note the 4th line of output:


Yes, that means there is a way out for users of Debian/m68k. The etch-m68k suite will allow us to update patckages for etch on m68k only, much like the AMD64 folks did on sarge. This is necessary, since etch/m68k is a bit too different from 'regular' etch.

Want to help? Head over to and/or #debian-68k on OFTC. Help is always welcome.

[1]Debian Mirror Near You