GCC 4.1

The m68k port has been having issues with GCC 4.0 since its inclusion in the archive. Although many of the bugs that spawned from that update have since been fixed, there are still a lot of them; I suspect the high number of GCC 4.0 ICEs is the main reason the m68k port still hasn't made it back as a release candidate architecture.

Many of the issues with GCC 4.0 seem fixed in GCC 4.1. The most recent example is QT4, which did not build with G++ 4.0, but did build with G++ 4.1. Another particularly problematic example is some KDE-related thing (the name of which I can't remember offhand) that didn't build with GCC 4.0 due to an ICE, and didn't build with GCC 3.4 either, due to a different ICE.

However, it's hard to say for sure whether GCC4.1 really is an improvement if you haven't tried using it on an autobuilder. For that reason, I just installed gcc 4.1 in the buildd chroots on jazz and quickstep, the experimental autobuilders, and made them the default compilers.

Hopefully that'll work better than GCC 4.0.