Graph continuing to go up

The graph is continuing to go in the right direction. We're now at a level just short of the 95% line—the ARM people were below where we are now only a week ago; we haven't been this high since the beginning of the quarter graph (or, in other words, since a few days after the Sarge release), so I guess it's safe to say we're past most of our problems, now.

<touches wood>

On the other graph, our progress isn't as impressive. That's normal, since that graph shows all packages whereas graph2 only shows those packages that have been built at least once; and since packages that haven't been built before are deprioritized. However, the progress is still very visible; we're now just short of the 90% marker, which we've been under for 54 days already.

That being said, I'd just like to thank whoever added that quarternary graph also for the "normal" graph, rather than just graph2. The others (one two-weekly, one "since ever") were really losing their usefulness.