Kiivi's chroot fucked again

Woke up this morning and was greeted by over 120 mails from kiivi, in the 'not successful' directory. Turns out some postinst had failed, and that because of that, some packages were now installed brokenly, so the chroot was dirty. Just cleaned it out, now running an update (since I've had to shut down buildd anyway). Luckily they were all give-backs, not failures, or I would've gone mad1

In related news, due to the recent additions of ska (my MVME167) and garkin (Christian's Falcon-with-CT60), our backlog is shrinking again; we're down to ~280 now (from ~350), which is a good thing. That, plus the fact that the bug in gcc has been found, makes for a happy Wouter.

1in case you were wondering: failures need manual work, give-backs don't.

Update: Right. Looks like I installed the broken binutils on kiivi. Whoops. Downgrading right now...