Me too, daddy, me too!

According to Aurelien Jarno, it's possible to run Debian/ARM and both Debian/MIPS platforms inside an emulator that itself is packaged and runs on Debian.

Since fairly recently (about a month or two, I guess), the same is true for Debian/m68k. Granted, the emulator you need to install isn't called "qemu", but with ARAnyM (short for 'Atari Running on Any Machine') it is now possible to run Debian/m68k. And it's fairly easy to do, too:

  • Download the installer images for Debian/m68k
  • Install the aranym package
  • Run aranym once. This will create a directory .aranym with a default config file.
  • create a file to be used as a disk image: dd if=/dev/zero of=./disk.img bs=1k seek=2M count=1.
  • Edit the configuration file. The important bits are the section [IDE0] and [LILO]. It's pretty self-explanatory.
  • Run aranym-mmu -N -l.

There, you have a free m68k development machine!

Note, however, that there might be issues with the network interface; the NIC in the emulated machine is unlike any real, actual Atari hardware. There is a driver for Linux, but I'm not 100% sure whether it's been integrated in the Debian kernels yet. I'm sure Christian will kick me awake on this, though ;-)