According to the graphs, we are now officially no longer the worst architecture! Whee.

Not that I feel happy for the hppa folks, but we've been in this position for way too long already, now. It's about time we got through this. Therefore: Whee!

Of course, the fact that we're not the last in the list now does not mean that our problems are over. There's #345574 to care about (and, hence, #340563; and there are a bit more issues like that one that will need a bit of love to be resolved. But we're going in the good direction again, which is great.

In somewhat related news, some of our ColdFire eval boards have arrived at their destinations already. Unfortunately, mine has not arrived yet; but I presume it will rather soonishly. I should probably finish patching binutils to handle those FPU instructions as well, so that I can start testing and comparing...