Quickstep stable again

Quickstep.nixsys.be, the m68k/experimental buildd, was having issues the last few months, in that it intermittently dropped off the net. I couldn't quite figure out what it was, but seem to have found the problem now: I replaced the AAUI-to-RJ45 connector yesterday, and that seems to have fixed it. Did I say that hardware sucks, yet?

Anyway, quickstep is now happily building away at packages in experimental again. The current package happens to be gcc-4.1 (as I force-fed that to it), so it'll take a while; but apart from that, everything should be fine.

While I was at it, I changed the setup on jazz to point to experimental rather than unstable, too. Jazz is a 33Mhz machine (slightly faster than quickstep's 25Mhz), but only has 64M of RAM (which is a fair bit less than quickstep's 132M—don't ask). It also doesn't have much disk space (4G). I had set it up a while back when the backlog was huge and the need high, but its SSH key was never added to buildd.debian.org's config; as a result, it was just humming there, not doing anything useful. Since the experimental backlog is now larger than the unstable one, I just gave up waiting—it'll be helpful building stuff for experimental, too.