PMW uploaded

Earlier today (or, well, last night, since it's fairly late alrady) I uploaded pmw (about which I blogged previously). In preparation for that, I've also uploaded aspic, which is required to build pmw's documentation.

While I'm quite fond of pmw already, and intend to maintain it inside Debian for quite some time, my interest in aspic is limited to the fact that I need it for pmw. So if anyone seems interested in adopting it... be my guest. But do talk to me, first.

In my previous blog post, I've raved about how I like pmw much more than I do lilypond. I had two reasons for that, at the time:

  • faster in processing
  • better syntaxis

Now, I have a third:

wouter@celtic:~$ grep-available --eregex -FPackage -sInstalled-Size -sPackage '(pmw|lilypond)'
Installed-Size: 1916
Package: pmw

Installed-Size: 7048
Package: lilypond-data

Installed-Size: 392344
Package: lilypond-doc

Installed-Size: 896
Package: pmw-doc

Installed-Size: 4184
Package: lilypond

Less than two megs for pmw, versus over ten for lilypond and lilypond-data combined; and less than a megabyte for complete documentation plus examples for pmw, versus several hundred megs for lilypond-doc.

And it's not because pmw is less flexible, or has less features, or is less well documented, or anything of the sorts. It does have less output options; but then it's not like it's hard to convert PostScript into something else or anything.