Say hi to ragtime

A few months ago, my good friend Kris gave me an OldWorld Powermac (a model 8500/150, even though the processor really runs at 120Mhz) as a donation to the Debian project. I arranged to hand it to Sven Luther, who is very much into Debian on PowerPC, at FOSDEM in Brussels. Due to some misunderstandings, however, Sven did not take the mac with him; so it had been left at the office. And since I don't go to an awful lot of meetings (FOSDEM is probably going to be the only one this year), the mac is likely going to stay at our office.

So I thought I'd put it to some good use. I saw last week that the PowerPC dailies hadn't been built for about a week or so. When I asked around, I found out this was because Colin Watson, who usually builds them, does so on his laptop. Since he was not directly available, however (due to him being on vacation or something similar), they were not getting built for about a week.

An understandable situation, but rather suboptimal. So, since I had this unused PowerPC machine anyway, I installed Debian on it, called it "ragtime" in accordance with my usual machine naming scheme, did a checkout of the d-i subversion tree, and added the daily-build script to cron.

As of yesterday, Frans Pop changed the different configuration items to point to my dailies instead of Colin's; so I guess it's now rather official. Ish.

Update: NOW. Not NOT. Aargh.