Unhappy about the release meeting's outcome

Very unhappy, in fact.

Due to some circumstances, I actually knew about this meeting for quite some time, about one or two weeks before it actually happened; but I understood they were going to talk about the release schedule for etch, which is something I'm interested in, but not so much that I really, absolutely, want to have to say something about it.

Then they suddenly decided to discuss the viability of having 11 ports. Now that, I do care about. It's disturbing that people can discuss this without involving those people actually working on the port. And no, it doesn't appear as if they actually talked to any of the m68k buildd maintainers (or any porter of any of the other architectures, for that matter) before deciding that it might be a good idea to essentially kill some architectures. Yes, that is what it'll do; providing unstable snapshots is a joke as a release strategy.

This is depressing. After fighting customers to pay me and European legislators to not institute software patents, I now suddenly have to fight ftp masters not to kill off stuff they're not involved in (anymore, in some cases), too.

I'm not sure I still see the point of all this.