Ian Murdock's blog appears to have been removed from the Planet Debian blog aggregator, with a request to not provide Progeny commercials, as Joey Hess noted.

Now, I agree that Planet Debian shouldn't be a general advertisement platform. That's not what it's meant for, and it shouldn't be abused as such. OTOH, Progeny is a Debian-focused company, and Componentized Linux is Debian-based. In short, news about Componentized Linux is as interesting as news related to Ubuntu, of which we have also recently seen samples on Planet Debian.

Additionally, this had some rather nasty impact on the mindset of some other people:

<Overfiend> Huh.  Guess there's not much point in me starting a blog *now* :)
<Yoe> why not?
<Overfiend> Apparently, Planet Debian has to be a Progeny-free zone.
<Overfiend> and since that's still the company that signs my paychecks...
<Overfiend> I might inadvertently mention them from time to time :)

Please, Scott; either create and enforce a clear and public policy about what can and cannot be mentioned on Planet Debian, or stop censoring like that. Thanks.