So we'll be doing a video recording of a musical in the second weekend of October. Since it worked so well last time, we're going to be doing it with DVswitch. One quite important bit of goodness that we had last time was the fact that we had an intercom; that is, some way for the camera people and the director to talk to eachother. I hadn't set that up; the theatre where the concert was just had that material, we could just use it.

Since the place where we'll be doing this recording does not have such a thing, that meant that in order to repeat the success of last time, we'd be needing something else this time around. So I bought five USB headsets, set up an asterisk installation with conferencing, installed linphone-nox, and tried. Only to find that it didn't work.

Fiddling with the settings didn't help. I got a bit angry, since there's sooo many sound systems in Linux that sometimes it's hard to figure out who's at fault. But no matter, whatever I tried I couldn't get it to work.

After trying for a few hours, I tried using it on the PS3. The packaging did say 'PS3', after all, and perhaps it used some playstation-specific protocol? I'd be surprised if it did, since even their controller uses the standard USB HID protocol, but then it could be. Surprise, surprise, even on the PS3 I couldn't get the microphone to work.

Open up another package, plug in the second headset, and yes, obviously, now the microphone works. Sigh.

Oh well, that's what warranty is for.