Referer logs are fun

Been looking through my referer logs; specifically, the search terms people have been using when they found some page on my site. It's fun to see how people end up on my site; but sometimes, it also suggests I should add a little bit more information here and there.

  • non printer of axis printserver. My axis printserver occasionally doesn't work either. I tried upgrading the firmware, but that didn't help. I'm beginning to suspect it's a problem in CUPS, really. Input is welcome.
  • axis 560 hard reset. How about pulling the power plug? Alternatively, log in with the telnet interface; there's a command for a hard reset there, too.
  • axis 560 default password. 'root' and 'root' for the telnet interface; 'admin' and 'public' for the HTTP interface.
  • motorola vme how stuff works. Motorola VME machines are simple Single Board Computers—they have everything in one board. Those then get plugged into a VME chassis, which provides it with power and a backplane. One can then, for example, use other cards inside the same chassis to access the monitor, the hard disk, and whatnot. It's a very modular, very nice system.
  • sun ultra10 harddisk upgrade. That's very easy, actually: plug the new hard disk in the Ultra10, partition it, format it, mount it under the file system of your 'old' disk somewhere, and copy everything over. You can do this using 'cp -a', or using a file manager such as mc. Then make it bootable (silo if your box uses Linux, dunno how Solaris handles this) and remove the old disk.
  • what is the meaning of time=1000ms in ping. It means it took 1000ms, i.e., 1 second, for a packet to be sent to the remote host and an answer to be sent back.
  • sarge m68k mac. You can find links to images here. Alternatively, I'm willing to burn and ship m68k installation CD's for anyone interested, provided they send me money for it (mail me to get the details). Also, you'll want to use the 2.2 kernels—2.4 does not and will not ever work on m68k mac, and 2.6 doesn't work reliably yet either.
  • m68k 2.6.12. You can find precompiled packages on Christian's pages, or source in (the linux module). See for details.
  • weblog pron. No, you won't find that here. Move along...
  • azerty powerbook keyboard. I have a slightly modified keymap for my own azerty powerbook which is running Linux. I'm too lazy now to put it online, but if you need it, mail me.
  • exim4 check valid from email address. Easy. Add 'require verify=sender/callout' to your rcpt_to acl. Search for 'callout verification' in the exim4 info file.
  • company in australia who produce an atm monitoring card for ethereal. I'm surprised that even ends up at my website...
  • belgium waffles recepy. Dissolve 20g of yeast in 200ml lukewarm water. Put 250g flour in a bowl, and slowly add the water with the yeast, while stirring. Add a bit of salt and 200ml of lukewarm milk. Separate the yellow parts of four eggs from the white, and add them to the dough. Make sure there are no lumps left in the dough -- use a mixer if necessary. Make foam of the wite of the eggs, and carefully add it to the dough together with 125g of molten butter. Do not touch it for 15 to 20 minutes. Use a waffle iron with a coarse grid; apply some butter to the iron, or some other grease matter. Bake until you get a gold-yellow color. Add whipped cream or powder sugar, and perhaps some strawberries or other fruit. Enjoy!
  • how do you pronounce stella artois. Use French phonemes.
  • quickstep debian. No, you don't have access. Contact me.
  • m68k bootloader. penguin or emile for mac, amiboot for amiga, bootstra.prg for atari, vmelilo or tftplilo for VME. Only the last two are packaged at this point in time.

It's amazing how little mail I got about those things, considering my email address is listed at the bottom of every page. No, really. If you end up at my website, and you want some more information, just ask. I won't bite, I promise. Well—except if you think you'll find weblog pron here.