Referer logs

I did this three years ago, too. I guess now's the time to go again: I just went through my referer logs—specifically, keywords people entered in search engines right before they ended up on my site—, and will try to answer those questions people seem to have when they end up on my site. Here goes:

  • voorwoord eindwerk: Eh. How about you make your homework yourself? (to my english readers: "voorwoord eindwerk" is dutch for "foreword dissertation"... and a few months ago, I noticed that I accidentally had my brother's dissertation on my website. It's now removed, and the search hits seem to have stopped, too, but it's still in my not-so-recent referer logs)
  • php accept language: Yes, I did write that. By the number of people searching for it, you'd think it's the most important contribution I made to open source. I sure hope not, but anyway.
  • wouter verhelst: Yes, you found him, all 1.4% of you. Perhaps you meant that other wouter verhelst, however.
  • digikam vs f-spot/f-spot vs digikam: I eventually picked digikam, not f-spot. Make sure you pick the right one from the beginning, though, since switching currently requires you to re-tag everything.
  • nicknames: My IRC nickname is 'Yoe'. But as I've explained before, I prefer not being called that elsewhere.
  • vim vs emacs: Not sure why you end up on my site for that. I use both, depending on what I want or need to do. (emacs is more powerful in some areas, but takes far longer to start...)
  • duck with whisky:yes, yes, yes, very funny.
  • nbdmagic: The NBD protocol uses a magic number to mark the start of a request packet; this defends against the client and server getting out of sync (which may happen in case of a bug somewhere). If that happens, the server will kill the connection with a message "Not enough magic." Please report the bug, or (even better) fix it :-)

Moving further down, it's fascinating to see what people were looking for when they ended up on my site. Some of the below, I have absolutely no clue what happened...:

  • belgium driver licence—go to your local municipal office, please!
  • sockets in brainfuck—now, really.
  • wouter's mum—look at your own, you dammit you!
  • what to do with debian—I should know, how?
  • several things related to "android"—I'm not involved in that
  • list of programming languages to learn—that's easy: the list of programming languages you don't know, yet.
  • kernel panic not syncing aiee killing interrupt handler 2.6.24 (and several other literal panic messages)
  • verhelst -meaning—In other words: "anything that has verhelst, but no meaning". Thanks. I guess.

I guess blogging about technical things for several years has made me "interesting" enough for some people. Grin.