Jörg Schilling has a blog.

Or so it seems. For those who don't know Jörg Schilling: he's the guy who wrote cdrecord.

He's also the guy who's been whining about the Linux Kernel, how it doesn't support the totally non-intuitive SCSI addressing scheme for everything, and claimed that some subsystems in the kernel weren't being maintained because they didn't accept his senseless patches. He's also the guy who changed his license to something not even internally consistent (and, thus, non-free) when the Debian maintainer of cdrecord decided to (finally!) remove the completely useless and bogus warnings that were cluttering the cdrecord output since ages for no other reason than to pester those who don't agree with him.

One of his recent posts is about OpenSolaris vs Linux. The one and only comment down the bottom:

Andrew Pinski said...
Can you fix the word wrapping, it looks a 3 year old made this blog.
7:31 PM

Well. Spot on.