I'm at the Linux Belgium training center, where this last week before FOSDEM the DebConf video team is holding a sprint. The nice folks of Linux Belgium made us feel pretty welcome:

Linux Belgium message

Yesterday was the first day of that sprint, where I had planned to blog about things, but I forgot, so here goes (first thing this morning)

Nattie and Tzafrir

Nattie and Tzafrir have been spending much of their time proofreading our documentation, and giving us feedback to improve their readability and accuracy.


Spent some time working on his youtube uploader. He didn't finish it to a committable state yet, but more is to be expected today.

He also worked on landing a gstreamer pipeline change that was suggested at LCA last week (which he also visited), and did some work on setting up the debconf18 dev website.

Finally, he fixed the irker config on salsa so that it would actually work and send commit messages to IRC after a push.


Wrote a lot of extra documentation on the opsis that we use and various other subjects, and also fixed some of the templates of the documentation, so that things would look better and link correctly.


I spent much of my time working on the FOSDEM SReview instance, which will be used next weekend; that also allowed me to improve the code quality of some of the newer stuff that I wrote over the past few months. In between things, being the local guy here, I also drove around getting a bit of stuff that we needed.


Pollo isn't here, but he's sprinting remotely from home. He spent some time setting up gitlab-ci so that it would build our documentation after pushing to salsa.