You may have noticed (but you probably did not), but on 2017-02-04, at 14:00, in room UB2.252A (aka "Lameere"), which at that point in time will be the Virtualisation and IaaS devroom, I'll be giving a talk on the Network Block Device protocol.

Having been involved in maintaining NBD in one way or another for over fifteen years now, I've never seen as much activity around the concept as I have in the past few years. The result of that has been that we've added a number of new features to the protocol, to allow it to be used in settings where it was not as useful or as attractive as it would have been before. As a result, these are exciting times for those who care about NBD, and I thought it would be about time that I'd speak about it somewhere. The Virtualisation/IaaS devroom seemed like the right fit today (even though I wouldn't have thought so a mere two years ago), and so I'm happy they agreed to have me.

While I still have to start writing my slides, and therefore don't really know (yet) exactly what I'll be talking about, the schedule already contains an outline.

See you there?