It's almost newyear, and people tend to do some predictions around that time about what will happen the next year and beyond.

I've never done this, since I tend to find such things quite stupid. But, hell, sometimes you've just got to change your habits, so here goes:

  • In december, just about every Belgian radio station will make an overview of either the most popular songs ever, or just the most popular songs of 2008.
  • Also in december, just about every Belgian TV station will produce their version of "an overview of the pasts year", and broadcast that.

Fun if people get predictable.

Not that I don't like such overviews, but sometimes you just want to see something interesting when you put your brain in "off" mode.

In addition, 2008 will be the year I turn 30. It will most likely also be the year I move out on my own. More on that later, I guess.