I live in the wrong part of Belgium.

Compare this against this: the flemish greens (Groen!) are losing even more of their base (6.77%, from 7.6%), while the walloon ones (ecolo) more than double their support, to come in at an impressive third place. In Flanders, the left side of the political spectrum (Groen! and SP.A) has mainly lost voters, while in Wallonia, they are stronger than ever.

Some people (Dutch only) seem to think that being a separatist is going to solve everything, to the point of even campaigning with things like 'more autonomy in flanders will allow us to solve the current economic crisis'. Utterly delusional, of course; Flanders, more than ever, is part of a European economy. To get that economy running again, what we need to do is to coordinate with neighbouring regions. More autonomy for Flanders will not bring that, on the contrary.

Yes my fellow Dutch-languaged Belgians seem to disagree.

I live in the wrong part of Belgium.

(No, I'm not going to be moving south any time soon. But yes, I'm angry)

Note: the above is my opinion, and I'm not planning on changing my blog into a political forum. Therefore, any comments on this blog item will be moderated away into oblivion.