After having been here in Edinburgh for about a week now and not having blogged about it, I'm starting to feel slightly guilty about it. Only slightly so, however.

I did figure out that the wireless on my PowerBook doesn't work with 2.6.21, whereas it seems to (flakily) work with 2.6.18. Yay broadcom.


Anyway, life here in Edinburgh has been fun so far. Mostly. I had a bit of Mao-playing, some bit of "putting faces to names", a bit of Scotch-tasting (of which I still need to remember taking one (1) bottle home for $BROTHER who really likes the stuff), and a bit of getting-so-drunk-I-woke-up-not-yet-completely-sober-and-decided-it-might-be-nice-to-find-my-bed-again, too.

Like I said, mostly fun.

The guy puking on my luggage last night wasn't fun, but at least he managed to puke most of it right next to my luggage. But I'll still have some laundry to do, I guess.

DebCamp to me isn't about being productive, so much as it is about meeting people and getting to know the environment. But I still managed to do some work on nbd-server, which is now at version 2.9.3 (plus some patches stolen from svn) in Debian. That helps, too.

In an hour or two, I'll be doing my m68k got kicked out of etch!?!?! Oh noes! BoF. The schedule already lists 11 people who will be attending, so that's cool. Let's hope we get something productive out of it.