Cantilene "Jeugdkoor van het jaar"

or, "Youth choir of the year"

Between my 16th and 25th birthday, I was a happy member of this particular choir; and today, five years later, there are still many members of this choir that I know personally—including, of course, their conductor.

It's not the first time Cantilene joined the race for "Choir of the year". The first two times, I was still a member. However, it is the first time they won in the category "youth choirs"; the first time, Cantilene came up second; the second time, we unfortunately did not make it to the finals. The fact that they did make it this time around, gives me mixed feelings; of course I'm happy that they won, but I'm sad that I couldn't be part of it this time. Well, that's part of getting older, I guess.

In any case, here's a big contratulations to Cantilene!

For those who care, if you do a search on youtube for "Cantilene", "Koor van het jaar", or "Luc Anthonis" (the conductor), you'll find a number of films—most of them from the Canvas belgian TV station.

In related news, with Caljenté (the choir that I am a member of, today) we had two concerts last weekend. They were a success, but unfortunately no thanks to me; I lost my voice somewhere during the evening of the 20th, and thus was quite unable to sing most of what we were going to sing. That did not stop me from being on stage and singing anyway, but I had to playback about half that time...

Here's for hoping that my voice will be better on christmas, since we're singing in mass then... I'm mostly there, but not quite entirely yet.