The fastest slug in the world (probably)

How fast do slugs travel? Empirical evidence tells me that's about 1 meter per hour1. But not this slug.


As I was driving home from $CUSTOMER, I noticed something on my car. At first I thought it was bird poop, but then bird poop doesn't move. As the animal crawled higher and higher next to my windshield (while I was driving down the highway), I thought it would soon be blown off; but no, it bravely held on. Since it was crawling against my driving direction, that meant it was hurling down the highway at about 119.999 kph. I'm not sure if slugs have emotions; but if they do, the poor animal must've been terribly scared.

Since these weird 120kph winds kept blowing on this weird and not very sticky surface that is the rubber and the metal edge to the side of the winshield, the animal kept going until it found that the glass of the windshield itself is actually a very interesting place for it to settle. By that time I had reached a usable exit, so I went off. As I reduced the car's speed once off the highway, the animal had decided that it was fairly nice outside its house now, and was starting to move horizontally along my windshield. Not exactly what I wanted it to do. So I took the above picture with the wrong camera (I remembered a mere few minutes later that I had my DSLR in the back of my car), took it off, and released it into the nearby bushes.

Of course, by that time I'd driven several dozens of kilometers away from wherever it was that I picked it up, so the animal will probably never get home again. But hey, I'm sure it'll love the new bushes.

1 Once, over half a lifetime ago, I noticed a slug sitting by the side of the road. Not having much else to do, I sat down and watched it. By the time it had moved some two meters, it had gotten dark and cold, and I went home. At that point, my parents told me they'd started to worry because I was two hours late from school.

I could be slightly wrong about the numbers, though. It's been a long time.

That's a snail - slugs are the ones with no shell.
Comment by John Hughes ( Sat Nov 3 00:03:38 2012