Two kings and three queens

Now that King Albert has abdicated and Prince (now King) Philippe has taken the oath of office, Belgium has two Kings and three Queens; yes, Albert has abdicated, but in Belgian tradition he retains the title of King, and his spouse, Queen Paola, retains the title of Queen. The third Queen, Fabiola, is the widow of late King Baudouin.

As someone pointed out to me, that makes a full house. Does that make Philippe the King of Spades, or the King of Hearts?

Or perhaps it's neither, and it's the King of Diamonds

A clown
He's a clown. Belgium missed a chance to abolish an expensive anachronism and introduce a democracy.
Comment by trouble ( Sun Jul 21 13:24:46 2013
Naming a king
You should call him King Diamond.
Comment by Adam ( Sun Jul 21 13:42:39 2013
Vivent les rois et ses majestes, les reines

I was in Rome on holiday with my then fiancee when Pope Benedict resigned and in Belgium with my new wife as the Dutch king ascended his throne and King Albert announced his abdication.

I'm not planning a UK holiday for a long time ... :)

Comment by Andy Cater ( Sun Jul 21 18:12:41 2013
another World Record ?

Is having two kings and three queens another world record for Belgium ? Like the 541 days without government... How much does this full house cost ?

Comment by Paul Cobbaut Mon Jul 22 01:20:07 2013