Re: Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender

Dear SMTP Server program at host,

It's great if you inform me that my message could not be delivered to
one or more recipients. It's also wonderful if you attach it below, so
that I can verify what's going on.

It's less great if verification shows that the mail you're replying to
was sent by me on 24 july 2005, which is over a year ago.

It's not very interesting if verification also shows that the mails in
question were actually mailing list posts, meaning that you sent the
bounce to the wrong address (it should've gone to the mailing list
bounce address instead).

It's rather annoying if you repeat this behaviour sixteen times. I guess
I should call me lucky that I only sent four mails on that day, and that
only four people on your mailserver were subscribed that day.

No, I did not contact postmaster, since the mails weren't all that
important, and I doubt there's anything they can do about it at this
point. I certainly don't need assistance with these mails.

Also, if I would address your postmaster the way you suggest it to me,
those mails would end up in my own mailbox anyway, rather than in your
postmaster's mailbox.

Your postmaster is, however, welcome to contact me if they so desire.