I've never liked the contents of the bash-completion package. I've found its results to be confusing, mildly buggy, and therefore terribly annoying. As such, for the longest time, one of the first things I used to do when installing a new system was to just remove it entirely -- or add "complete -r" or similar to my .bashrc on systems where I did not have sysadmin powers.

However, that's not to say that I don't understand the reason for programmable completion. Filename completion is nice, but it's great if one can have things like command option completion, etc. As such, I've resolved to give the bash-completion another shot for, say, a month or so, and to actually file bugs when things happen that I think should not.

Of course, it's very well possible that in the time since I last tried it, all those annoyingly small confusing bugs have been fixed. But somehow, I doubt that.

I guess we'll find out.