Maintainer stupidity

As a buildd admin, you get to see the myriad of ways in which packages can fail to build. Sometimes this is due to interesting technical reasons about the architecture in question; sometimes... not so much.

cc1: unknown option: -mmmx

For reference, I maintain powerpc and m68k buildd hosts.

configure: error: pkg-config: command not found

Checking build-dependencies is hard. Right?

ccache: failed to create /home/buildd/.ccache (No such file or directory)

No, I don't manually install ccache inside the buildd chroot, which must mean some build-dependency pulled it in. Why one would want to do that, I dunno—it's not like a build that takes longer would produce a different package, so it clearly is not required for the build.

(BTW, the invalidity of $HOME is on purpose -- packages are not allowed to write outside their build directory during builds, which includes home directories)

... and more. Sometimes, I wonder how people get the right to upload. But, well.