"Going to FOSDEM"

Planet Debian is currently plastered with this "I'm going to FOSDEM" banner that the FOSDEM people have created. That's great; it means I'll be seeing lots of people there the first weekend of February. I'd put it here, too, but I'm lazy, and people know I'll be there—I'm doing th Debian devroom. So just assume a blue banner here.

What I'm not seeing, however, is talk submissions. So far 5 people have expressed interest in giving a talk, and two have made a definite commitment. That's not enough! I'll probably be sending out second a Call for Talks if I don't get enough submissions by next weekend, but for now, let me give people a list of talk titles I'd like to see in the DevRoom but that haven't been submitted yet:

  • The Lenny release cycle: the release team's view
  • New stuff from the Debian-CD team. (Not only would that be interesting, I also owe them that much after my messup two years ago.)
  • Booting Debian everywhere: the live-CD tools.
  • Doing Another Katie: the dak rewrite.
  • Debian on the EeePC
  • ...or, well, anything people can come up with, really.

People, above all, please remember that FOSDEM is less than two months from now. Usually I can (and do) send the CfT about four months before the actual event, but circumstances have forced us in this position now. If you want to have an interesting Devroom, I need talks, and I need them sooner rather than later. See my CfT for details.