New hackergochi with Gimp 2.4

As you may have noticed, I've got a new hackergochi. This has two reasons:

  1. I noticed that since a couple of weeks there's a new Gimp in the archive (a release candidate of Gimp 2.4), and I just had to check it out,
  2. The picture of me wearing the cooking costume thing was just way too funny to ignore.

Previously, selecting a head from a picture with a very busy background was almost impossible to do. In my case I had a single-color blue background, but I've helped some people do theirs, and in one extreme case I we had to zoom in to the max and manually follow the lines separating the head from the background. This took a very, very long time -- like a day or so.

Gimp 2.4 comes with a selection tool called the "Scissors Select tool" that seems made for creating hackergochis: you click on some line that appears on your picture, and a dot appears. You click on a second point along the same line—a line which may be straight, or which may be curved, or which may be zigzagging—and the tool just follows it.

In this particular case, the background was a very busy cabinet. And yet selecting my head against that background was done in less than a minute.

Way cool.