Quadra 700 arrived

Today, a UPS delivery guy delivered a largish box, containing the Quadra 700 that had been donated to me by Sebastiaan Couwenberg (thanks!). The box was much larger than I expected, however. At first, I was afraid; if it ended up very large, I wouldn't have any space to put it anywhere. Fortunately, on opening the box, I found that it was, in fact, not very large, as the case is the same as that of the IIci (which is the smallest case I have—people who went to DebConf5 may remember what it looked like, since it stood in the hacklab the whole time); instead, the box contained more than I expected.

Aside from the Quadra, the box also contained a keyboard, a three-button ADB mouse (I didn't even know those existed in the first place), and a monitor.


I had four macs (of which one has a broken LC040, so is not usable), but only two ADB keyboards (of which only one is in perfect working order), one ADB mouse, and one monitor (which beeps annoyingly if it's been powered on for more than a few minutes). With this, that amount has suddenly doubled, which is very welcome. I'll probably move this monitor to the office, and move the one at the office home some time. Not just yet, though.