Quickstep on 2.6

wouter@quickstep:~$ uname -a
Linux quickstep 2.6.24-1-mac #1 Fri Feb 1 00:14:53 CET 2008 m68k GNU/Linux

Ph34r my experimental buildd, which will be back... soon.

Unfortunately, doing 'apt-get upgrade' from etch-m68k (the last release to support 2.2, which quickstep was still running) to unstable takes a while. Other than that... yeah!

The update to 2.6.24 had some issues; e.g., the key map wasn't set correctly; also, 2.2 and 2.6 have different ideas about what the system clock is, so it insisted on doing an fsck at boot time initially, which with 18G hard disks takes quite a while on a 25Mhz processor.

Quickstep was one of the last machines that I had which was still running 2.2; unfortunately it took a long time for 2.6 on m68k to become a viable option. Apparently, the issues that existed for Centris 650 (of which quickstep is one) had been fixed a while ago already; I just hadn't noticed. Oops.

My final 2.2-running machine now is barok, my IIci. But that machine isn't very fast anyway, so its lack of 2.6 doesn't really hurt all that much. Having said that, Finn Thain told me he'd be working on IIci support soon, so that issue should be dealt with as well. Whee!