Oldest bug ever

I've had my share of old bugs, but #234448 holds the distinct record of being the oldest bug that I ever found a fix for. It's so old, I don't even know how old exactly.

Don't be betrayed by the number 234448. While the Debian bug was filed in 2004, the bug itself is older than that. Take a look at this FreeBSD commit, for example; the original import of the 4.4BSDLite code of the 'trek' program already has the bug. And that was over 14 years ago. The first NetBSD commit is even older: 15 years, 7 months ago.

BSD itself, of course, is much older than that, and so is trek. The copyright header contains 'Copyright(c) 1980, 1993', which suggests that this bug might be as much as 28 years old. That's almost as old as I am...

Like I said, a record.